UPDATE : 2020.06.05


An Enchanted Night Walk at Lake Akan “ KAMUY LUMINA” ended

2019 season “ KAMUY LUMINA” ended November 17th.

We very much appreciated your participation at our opening year, which was the number more than expected.

2020 season will begin from mid-May.


Akan Adventure Tourism Co.,Ltd launched a website.

Akan Adventure Tourism launched a website. It’ll provide information of a wide range of outdoor activities in the pristine nature around Akanko Onsen as well as  of the charms of Ainu Culture which the district boasts to the world.


Lake Akan Ainu Theater 【Ikor】 Brand-New「 Akan-Yukar “Lost Kamuy”」 Unveiled Mar. 19th

While the world is now closely pay attention to the Ainu culture in Hokkaido, Lake Akan Ainu Theater【Ikor】 will release a brand-new play which is a fusion of traditional Ainu dances & the state-of- the art technology. It will start on March 19th。  

The new program“Lost Kamuy”is created by a team of various artists from different fields based on the traditional dances & songs that Ainu people have passed down from generation to generation. It will help attract more people to Akanko Onsen from other areas and better understand Ainu Culture.

The story features the Ainu legend based on “the co-existence of Ainu and wolves”and will reproduce the Ainu’s outlook on the world in 3-D. The visitors will be fascinated by Ainu traditon and learn the value of living in harmony with nature.


「KAMUY LUMINA」OPEN in the night forest in Lake Akan 2019 Jul

Akanko Onsen produce a new hands-on digital art program 「 KAMUY LUMINA 」 staged at the night forest in the national park. It is based on the Ainu Legend that prioritize the life in harmony with nature, which will open in July 2019.

「 KAMUY LUMINA 」is created by a group of digital artists, “Moment Factory (Montreal, Canada based )”as one of a series of their outstanding works「LUMINA NIGHT WALK」which features local culture and nature.

This program will be the world’s first project operated in the national park considering the impacts to the surrounding nature supported by the Japan’s Ministry of Environment and Maeda Ippoen Foundation.

The visitors are allowed to stroll in the pristine nature and indulge themselves in the Ainu World developed in the night forest.